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APG’s corporate programs help clients develop the leadership, team-building, and mental performance skills needed to thrive in demanding environments. We build stronger leaders and more cohesive teams, ready to take on and adapt to virtually any situation.

APG Corporate

Target Leadership Program

With new complexities in the workplace and an evolving workforce, there is a demand for a revised approach to leadership.  Businesses can no longer view leadership as a neat and straightforward package for the sole user if they genuinely want to affect the inner workings of their organization.  To answer this need, APG designed a new leadership model to fit today's environment.  The design is a transition from the traditional, hierarchical control structure to a more team-based & culturally driven structure founded on collaboration.  Instead of focusing on training people to be leaders by aiming exclusively on developing core leadership traits & characteristics, guiding a leader to develop awareness, evaluate situations, and empower everyone to be a part of the process has proven to develop leaders more efficiently.


APG’s Target Leadership is less about an individual leader and more about people. Company culture is the cornerstone of an organization’s potential, and a leader who can develop and drive a positive and ethical culture is instrumental toward a business’s success.  Target Leadership empowers a leader to use his or her people in the process of developing a team with awareness and the ability to adapt to situations as an organization.  A successful team has the ability to Plan, Prepare and Execute the common goals of the organization as a whole.  Instead of top-heavy teams weighed down with people looking out for their own interests, leaders can quickly put together effective and nimble teams that have the faith of the entire organization. 



Leadership is obviously vertical, but to be an effective leader, you cannot lead one-dimensional.  Leadership goes up & down (Control), and horizontal (Collaboration), and in the center of it all . . . is YOU!

The foundational process behind Target Leadership is the Quad-A approach: Awareness, Adaptability, Act and Assess. 

Awareness - Broken into Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, and Situational Awareness. 

Adaptability - Adapting to the needs of the people or the situation.

Act - Execution of the decision.

Assess - Taking a critical assessment of the outcome. 


Quad-A is a process because the elements are interconnected, layered and cyclic in nature.  Once the assessment is complete, the leader develops a new awareness, and the cycle continues.

Programs / Workshops

The following is a sampling of the currently available programs, workshops, and keynotes from APG Corporate. Timeframes can be adjusted as required, varying in duration from a one hour keynote to a multi-day program. All events, classes and practical sessions are facilitated by APG’s team of retired US Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel. Topics can be combined and modified as needed to provide a fully personalized, immersive experience.

2016 YPO

Forum Cup

Additional topics include:

Developing The Standard

Mental Toughness and Resilience

Team Cohesion


Team Dynamics

Motivation Theory

High-Stress Decision-Making​​

Forging the Elite ®


In the world of Special Operations, success (and even life) is dependent on the ability of each individual to consistently perform at their best.  This session deals with the topic of “peak performance” from the Spec Ops perspective and discusses how each one of us can perform at a higher level at all times.   ​

Team - Teammate - Self ®


The Special Ops Formula for a Winning Team – US Navy SEAL Teams are arguably the best and most effective teams on the planet, able to autonomously carry out their missions within some of the most stressful and demanding environments.  This session provides an “inside” look into what it is that makes these teams as good as they are, and how those traits and characteristics translate into the corporate realm.   ​

APG's "Embrace the Suck" 

The Special Ops Guide to NOT Ringing the Bell –


The US Navy's Basic Underwater Demolition /  SEAL program, known as BUD/S, is perhaps the most grueling test of both physical and mental endurance that exists.  Only 20 - 25% of those entering the program graduate. The remainder "ring the bell" along the way and leave the program.


In the fall of 1997, 99 men entered the "Hell Week" portion of BUD/S under the most severe weather conditions Coronado had seen in decades. As a full-blown hurricane approached it was expected that most would "ring the bell" well before the week was out.


Amazingly, 87 men survived the week.  It took incredible courage, determination, perseverance, and likely just a touch of madness to make it through.


This program is based on their story.​

Fully Immersive Events 


Let APG create a highly experiential, immersive event for your team, one that they will talk about for years to come.  An event that will be a life-altering, learning and bonding experience.  Programs range from 12 to 72 hours in length.  Call us to chat about an event created just for your team.  ​

For more information about these and other courses APG offers or about our consulting services, see our Contact page and call 888.999.9694.