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Security Solutions

People and information are the lifeblood of your company. It is imperative to ensure their security and wellbeing – whether at home, around the corner, or while travelling. Most organizations focus their security efforts on their computers and networks, overlooking their greatest security threat … people.


This is where APG Security Solutions training and consulting comes in

APG is a company founded and operated by a group of former US Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel – experts in the defense of people and property. We can help prepare you to effectively handle many of the security issues that threaten you, your people and your property through our three step system:


Deter – take appropriate steps to stop compromise before it starts


Defend – be prepared to protect yourself and your property

if/when an attack happens


Defuse – neutralize / minimize the impact of any compromise

that does occur If there is any question as to your security,

then there is no question as to your vulnerability.

Workshops / Programs
The following is a sampling of the currently available APG Security Solutions keynotes, workshops and programs. Timeframes can be adjusted as required, varying in duration from one hour to a full day. All events, classes and practical sessions are facilitated by APG’s team of retired US Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel. Topics can be combined and modified as needed to provide a fully personalized, immersive experience.  Available topics include:


Threat Awareness (45-60 minute keynote / 1.5-2 hour workshop) 

Personal safety begins with an awareness of the threats that surround us – both visible and hidden. This session explores these threats, which we all face as soon as we step outside our doors.


Travel Safety 101 (45-60 minute keynote / 1-3 hour workshop)

Are you ever concerned about your safety when travelling? Do you assume your security is a given? Today's world can be very unpredictable, and at times outright dangerous. Being prepared can help you avoid bad situations. This session explores the threats that travelers face, and provides tips, tactics and strategies to minimize your risks. 

Home & Office Security (45-60 minute keynote / 1-3 hour workshop)

How safe do you feel at home or in your office? Do you take your security for granted? Even if the odds of an incident are low, being prepared is always better than the alternative. This session covers how to prepare, what to do, and what not to do, to keep you (and those around you) as safe as possible.

Avoiding the “X” (45-60 minute keynote / 1.5-2 hour workshop) 

Whether at home, around the corner, or across the globe, avoiding becoming a target is always the preferred approach to personal security. This session discusses how to prevent becoming an easy target.


Getting Off the “X” (45-60 minute keynote / 1.5-2 hour workshop) 

There are times when, no matter how well you prepare, you just can’t avoid getting into trouble. This session delves into the strategies and tactics to help get you out of these situations quickly … and safely.


Developing Situational Awareness (2 hours to full day) 

This course helps participants develop a greater awareness of their surroundings in all situations, with a focus on personal safety and security. It discusses how to identify potential security threats as well as ideal preventative steps to avoid becoming an easy target. 

Basic Recognition and Disengagement from Physical Assault (1.5 to 2 hours) 

This course discusses how to both recognize imminent dangerous situations, and protect yourself if a personal assault should occur. The main focus is on awareness and prevention, however the program also covers basic self defense techniques. Participants have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught, all within a safe environment. (Note – this course pairs well with the Escapology class detailed below) 


Escapology (1 – 2 hour class + practical) 

Through demonstration and hands-on practice this course teaches participants effective methods of disengagement from various holds and restraint devices. The instruction is fully tailored to the perceived security needs of the participants. 


Active Shooter Training (1.5 – 3 hour class – 3+ hour practical) 

It is an unfortunate reality that, in the world of today, one of the greatest risks facing both students and professionals alike is the threat of an “active shooter” situation – finding yourself in the relative proximity of an individual carrying a loaded weapon with intent to harm. It is even more unfortunate that most of us are completely unprepared to handle just such an incident effectively. Through both in-class and practical components, this course seeks to prepare participants to effectively handle just such a situation, thus increasing the chance of safely surviving it. 


Basic Marksmanship Class and Practical (1.5 hour class – 2+ hour practical) 

Whether you intend to ever own a firearm or not, knowing how to handle one safely is important. This course is divided into two components. The classroom portion teaches participants the basics of safe weapons handling. The practical session involves time at a local gun range, practicing safe and effective shooting skills. 


Surveillance Awareness (3 hours to full day) 

This course teaches participants surveillance and countersurveillance concepts through a series of classroom, practical, and planning/execution exercises. In the final practical exercise, participants will set up a Surveillance Identification Route by applying learned skills to terrain and features of a given city. Participants will attempt to identify surveillance operators following them, and practice surveillance evasion techniques. 


Body Snatch Experiential Event (3 hours to full day) 

Kidnapping for ransom and extortion is a 1.5 billion dollar industry worldwide … and it’s growing! This highly experiential program creates an awareness of the security vulnerability of executives, their teams and even their families, especially as they travel abroad. It is designed to teach participants how to protect themselves from targeting, surveillance and capture by teaching them how potential abductors operate. 


Overcoming Aggressive Networks (course timeline varies based on client needs) 

this course is designed for clients traveling to locations that might require pro-active steps to maintain privacy and security, impede tech-surveillance, and/or communicate securely and privately with co-located associates.


Sample One Day Program

Our experience has been that many clients prefer a full day of immersion into the above topics. The following is a sample outline of a one-day immersive APG Security Solutions program, designed to teach participants basic situational awareness, security and self defense – starting with the fundamentals of mental toughness.


0600 – 0800 Beach / Park PT – mental toughness primer – physical training –  showers 

alternate option: Threat / Situational Awareness session

0800 – 0830 Breakfast

0830 – 1200 Class & Practical #1

1200 – 1300 Lunch

1300 – 1530 Class & Practical #2

1530 – 1800 Class & Practical #3

1800 – 2000 Dinner with APG instructors

Fully Immersive Events 

Let APG create a highly experiential, immersive event for your team, one that they will talk about for years to come.  An event that will be a life altering, learning and bonding experience.  Programs range from 12 to 72 hours in length.  Call us to chat about an event created just for your team.  

For more information about these and other courses APG offers or about our consulting services, see our Contact page and call 888.999.9694.